Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in this competition?

This is an online competition, open globally to all developers. Just register to enter, and we will provide access to the competition platform so you can get started!

Which kind of app can we submit?

This competition is welcoming open source apps of both desktop and mobile environments.

How does an app qualify for the competition?

Any submitted app will be deemed qualified on the basis of possessing the following:

1)   IP stream connecting capability 

2)  Innovative function(s)  

3)  Open source availability

Qualified app submissions will be given a submission reward of $250 OR  will be selected for one of the 10 finalist prizes. ONVIF will determine the qualification of all submissions and will select our 10 winning finalists for the competition.

How do I get access to a Profile T camera stream for the competition?

Live camera streams will be available throughout competition for development. Register to compete, and you will receive full access to the live streams!           

I'm new to IP security development, how do I create an app that can connect to a live stream?

Whether you're new to advanced video streaming or not, we have what you need to jumpstart your project! Register for access to video & written tutorials on how to build a functioning streaming app in Windows (desktop), Android or iOS. 

Take advantage of open source code to get your streaming application off the ground, and start innovating!           




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